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NMF Metal services. Tube bending and rolling service for tubes made of steel, aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel.

Tube bending

NMF Metal services. Welding. Welding department consists of equipment and expertise in: MIG welding (manual and CNC), TIG welding (manual), Contact welding.


NMF Metal services. CNC turning. At the moment metal turning is done on a 2-axis CNC Lathe HAS ST-20, capable of turning products up to 300mm in diameter (50mm using a bar feeder).

CNC turning

NMF Metal services. Metal stamping/ punching. We offer metal stamping services on different stamping presses.

Metal stamping/ punching

NMF Metal services. Powder coating in a manual powder coating line with 3 bath chemical treatment. This set-up allows us to produce efficiently small-medium batches, with vey short time leads, keeping the best quality.

Powder coating

NMF Metal services. NMF Metal also offers these services: Hole drilling, Milling, Hole punching, Sheet strip cutting, Metal spray painting, Assembly/packaging, Product design development.

Other services

About us

NMF Metal is a Lithuanian metal works company, founded in 2005 and specializing in metal tube products and metal stamping. Main markets are Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany.
Being part of a 20+ company group NMF we can provide an integrated service to our customers, starting from raw materials and delivering a finalized, shelf ready product. A competent and qualified staff enables us to design and produce both mass and serial quantity goods wide in range including small brackets, lamp components, handles, fences, chair frames, stocking and shop equipment, stairs, gates and many more products.

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