Carbon Steel Furniture Legs

Product code: SL0001

Standard diameter 50mm / 60mm
Height 50mm – 300mm
Screw M8 – M10 (height is optional)
Package Set of 4 pcs in a plastic bag (or according to your specifications)

These are standard dimensions / options that can be adjusted if necessary.
We can also offer various mounting brackets for all our legs and other solutions.

Usable with
Bed Sofa Table

Colours & Finishes

  • Brushed steel with mat or glossy lacquer
  • Any required RAL colour
Product codeDiameter AScrew C/DHeight BDelivery time
SL0001.1.1.850 mmM8x2050-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.1.2.850 mmM8x2050-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.1.3.850 mmM8x2050-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.1.4.850 mmM8x2550-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.1.5.850 mmM8x2550-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.1.6.850 mmM8x2550-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.1.7.1050 mmM10x2050-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.1.8.1050 mmM10x2050-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.1.9.1050 mmM10x2050-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.1.10.1050 mmM10x2550-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.1.11.1050 mmM10x2550-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.1.12.1050 mmM10x2550-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.2.1.860 mmM8x2050-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.2.2.860 mmM8x2050-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.2.3.860 mmM8x2050-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.2.4.860 mmM8x2550-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.2.5.860 mmM8x2550-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.2.6.860 mmM8x2550-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.2.7.1060 mmM10x2050-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.2.8.1060 mmM10x2050-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.2.9.1060 mmM10x2050-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.2.10.1060 mmM10x2550-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.2.11.1060 mmM10x2550-300 mm0-4 weeks
SL0001.2.12.1060 mmM10x2550-300 mm0-4 weeks