Carbon Steel Furniture Legs

Product code: SL0003

Tube dimensions 30x30mm – 60x60mm
Height 50mm – 200mm
Screw M8 – M10 (height is optional)

Dimensions / options that can be adjusted if necessary.

Usable with
Bed Sofa Table

Colours & Finishes

  • Any required RAL colour
Product code Tube AScrew BHeight CDelivery time
SL0003.1.8 30×30M8x2550-200 mm1-4 weeks
SL0003.2.10 30×30M10x2550-200 mm1-4 weeks
SL0003.3.8 40×40M8x2550-200 mm1-4 weeks
SL0003.4.10 40×40M10x2550-200 mm1-4 weeks
SL0003.5.8 50×50M8x2550-200 mm1-4 weeks
SL0003.6.10 50×50M10x2550-200 mm1-4 weeks
SL0003.7.8 60×60M8x2550-200 mm1-4 weeks
SL0003.8.10 60×60M10x2550-200 mm1-4 weeks