Carbon Steel Furniture Legs

Product code: SL0017

Tube dimensions 16 mm, 19 mm
Height 100-200 mm

Dimensions / options that can be adjusted if necessary.

Usable with
Bed Sofa Table

Colours & Finishes

  • Any required RAL colour
  • Chrome plating
Product code Tube AHeightFinishDelivery time
SL0017.1.1 16 mm100-200 mmAny RAL color1-4 weeks
SL0017.2.1 16 mm100-200 mmChrome plating3-6 weeks
SL0017.3.2 19 mm100-200 mmAny RAL color1-4 weeks
SL0017.4.2 19 mm100-200 mmChrome plating3-6 weeks